I'm Tony Winchester, and I've been blogging on Steemit as @sirwinchester for about a year now. 
Steemit is an amazing, fun platform where you can blog about anything you want and get rewarded with cryptocurrency in return.

I want to give others the opportunity to get featured on my steemit blog, to present their work in front of an audience and give them a stage.

When people start blogging on steemit, they get demotivated quite easily if the first few posts don't really get seen and rewarded and don't remain active.

I think that's a shame, so I started Steemit Promo! By featuring someone else's article on my blog, he has the opportunity to attract some readers and followers for his own blog. Of course he also receives the Steem Dollar reward, so there are 2 motivations.

And for anyone who hasn't got a Steemit Account yet: 

Of course you can still participate! Steemit is sometimes quite intimidating for people because they don't know anything about cryptocurrency. But that's no problem, I will help you! This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to share their work on social media and get rewarded for it.