F. A. Q. 

Frequently asked questions about steemit promo

Can you participate more than once?

Yes, everyone can sign up to the competition and participate in the voting contests, even if they've won previously.

However, you have to register again for each round you want to participate in. 


How long should the posts be?

There are no strict rules for the length of the post. Anything between 500 and 1000 words is optimum, but posts can also feature more words or a big number of pictures.


What should the posts be about?

The posts could be from anyone, about anything - stories, art, photography, news, or anything else. 
But of course the authors should use this opportunity to show others an insight of their own blog, and potentially earn new followers.


Where can get support if I have any questions about Steemit or its functionality?

You can join my Steemit Facebook group and we will be glad to help you with any questions. 
Of course, you can always ask other Steemians in the steemit.chat RocketChat, especially in the #help channel.

Linked below are also some helpful guides about Steemit.  


How is the revenue shared?

If the author provides the whole post in Markdown format, including pictures and editing, he receives 100% of the SBD (Steem Dollar) Rewards from the post. 

In case he only sends the raw text I will edit it personally. Then, he receives 70% of the SBD Rewards while I keep 30% as a cut for editing.

Rewards will be sent after the post has been paid out, which is a total of 7 days after it was first posted.


How does the author receive the revenue?

If the author already has a steemit account, I will send the SBD ro his steemit account once the post has been paid out. 

If he doesn't, I will send the coins to his wallet in SBD, STEEM or BTC. Or I can send it via PayPal.


How long does the facebook voting last?

Each facebook poll will be open for 3 days.